Hairy facial hair was depilated with an esthetic agent.

Do not leave stains behind in depilation of facial hair

There seems to be a machine that can understand the appearance of spots.
I will put a face etc on the machine and take a picture.
Where there is no spot, it is pure blue, so it gets colored where spots are.
There is a young lady who has a white part outstanding.
There is a stain with proof.
Even though it is hard to understand, it is found on the machine properly.
It was a good thing to find out earlier.
You must be pleased. You may be able to reduce spots by doing something afterwards.

I use a machine when depilating.
It is unclear by that machine that I am concerned about at that time.
I got my hair pulled out, but it is troubling for the skin to get worse.
First of all, let's consider the cause of spots.
There is ultraviolet light as the primary cause of the cause.
It is mainly ultraviolet light coming from the sun.
If it hits too much here, it will remain as a stain.
When going out, if you do not hit the ultraviolet rays, it will not be stain.

Ultraviolet rays are not used in machines used for facial hair and the like. Certain things are infrared.
This is a kotatsu, it is a red ray that can be seen also in electric stoves and others.
There is no effect on the skin.
Of course it will not be a stain. Since ultraviolet rays are invisible, you will have to check more. Depending on how devoted
, you may be as temporary injury, but will come cured if for a while.

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