Hairy facial hair was depilated with an esthetic agent.

Where you feel pain when you have hair loss on false hair

It hurts when I pull my hair.
I think that everyone is the same thing.
In other cases, pain may be felt if you forcibly pull out the hair.
If you have experienced, paste gum tape on your skin.
Then we will peel off at a stretch.
How about that? No one will not feel pain at this time.
Let's do with the shinhead part especially if it is male.
Some sort of punishment game seems to come out.
It is obvious that it hurts when pulling out forcefully.

There are hair removal courses in esthes etc.
Of course it is not a way to forcibly pull out here. So you do not have to keep a sense of fear thinking it hurts. As a method, it will be done by irradiating light.
Processing will be carried out while feeling warmth rather than pain.
In some cases, you may feel comfortable. Because esthe is also a place to relax, that is taken into consideration.

How about facial hair? When it is called a face, it becomes a very sensitive part.
Again I feel pain is not so much.
As a method, there is not much change in the face or other parts.
However, depending on the part, there seems to be some girls.
As part of that, it is the part under the nose.
Biting your nose may cause burning but it will be a weak part of your skin.
Some people are worried about that from that.
It does not seem to go to pain.

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