Hairy facial hair was depilated with an esthetic agent.

Where a woman uses it for permanent hair loss on facial hair

There seems to be some people who do not know well about the difference between cosmetic surgery and esthetics.
Cosmetic surgery will be a medical institution as it is named surgery.
So doctors will do treatment etc.
There are some people on TV, but doctors with doctor's license will do.
On the other hand, beauty treatment can not do medical care. Other than that, it does what is effective for beauty.
I do massage and prepare special cream etc.

Regarding hair loss, it seems that it can be used in cosmetic surgery or esthetic.
Is it the same thing about here? For cosmetic surgery, it will be mainly done with laser.
Stimulation is strong, but doctors will do so, you can respond with that technology.
In addition, even if something goes wrong, you can respond with medical technology.
Regarding esthetics, it uses light.
Stimulus is considerably weaker than laser, so it will be a cosmetic surgery when considering only the effect.

Which is better when a woman is asked about facial hair.
In the case of men, there is a mustache.
Because it becomes thick hair, highly effective cosmetic surgery is better.
In the case of a woman, the hair produced is the center.
Therefore, it is said that even those using light done at esthetic are enough.
As for the price, the esthetics are cheaper.
Because it is a face, you would like to choose a place you can be more secure.
Even in cosmetic surgery, you can do it.

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