Hairy facial hair was depilated with an esthetic agent.

About the influence of the skin when permanent hair removal is performed on facial hair

In summer, opportunities to sweat increase.
Thereby the body temperature will be regulated and prevent heat stroke and the like.

But recently, I heard there are people who do not sweat.
It is for young people.
They say they are spending time in the summer when they are listening to coolers.
It seems that there has been no opportunity to sweat and it is becoming a constitution not to sweat for that.
In order to cure, it seems that you have to take a bath and sweat.
The function to sweat is very important.

If you are concerned about permanent hair depilation, you may be concerned about affecting various parts of your skin.
If you call sweat, it is secreted from sweat glands.
This is in the pores.
If irradiating with a machine etc, it will affect that part.
Actually, it does not seem to affect.
Irradiation is done in the so-called hair matrix cells.
It is the part that produces hair.
Since only this part is destroyed, it seems that there will be no influence on other parts.

The same goes for face hair.
I do not have to worry about anything, but I will make sure to check after-sales carefully.
If you are told to do something like this, I will keep it.
As one of them, there is moisturizing care.
Keep the skin moisturized.
Regarding bathing, we may not be able to put in on that day, but after a while we can be as usual, so even people who are beautiful are safe.

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