Hairy facial hair was depilated with an esthetic agent.

Epilation of facial hair is surely a beautiful first step

Speaking of depilation, is it impossible to get a pin immediately, Waki, arm, lower knee? Before marriage ... Before marriage ... About 15 years ago I got permanent depilation experience of Waki ??and I got a strange eye, so afterwards there is a slight sense of resistance to depilation with esthetic.
Although it was a strange eyes, it may have been common at that time. Claims of nearly 800,000 yen on both sides. And needle hair depilation Pang is running. Still it went through for about a year while cold sweat, but I understood pregnancy and was temporarily suspended. Then, although it is ""permanent"", I have not entered the esthetic. Even though I paid 800 thousand yen, there are still about one third of the hair left, it is the razor treatment.
Due to lack of frequent wearing sleeveless with age, it is in a range that is sufficiently beautiful with a razor treatment, it is a waste of feeling and a sense of fear that depilation is already ... but even ""facial hair"" that can not be hidden is It is interesting, is not it ・ ・ ・.

Is ""facial hair"" between the nose and mouth? I am depilating using a commercially available facial razor.
Sometimes I worry if the brush becomes dark, but once in a week I face the entire face. I am going to hair loss around the mouth and eye hole once every 2 days with a motorized face razor.
I am satisfied right now because it becomes a slippery as it is, but as I wrote before, I can not scratch the thought of ... scared if it gets dark. It is better to go to the esthetic every time I see the advertisement of the esthetic company, I'm lost but I do not have the courage to make a phone call yet. I think that it is good to have it properly processed once and be able to communicate with peace at regular intervals.

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