Hairy facial hair was depilated with an esthetic agent.

About facial hair depilation.

Is there someone who has hair loss of facial hair? I have not experienced yet, but my friends seem to have treated facial hair. Especially it seems that the beard has grown a bit deeper due to crushing of hormonal balance or something. Not a boy but a girl. Recently, many women work hard with a man and a competitive society so that is the increase or decrease? I think that it can not be helped, but there are many people who are in trouble because there are thick feathers growing even on their feet and sideways. Along with that, it is said that there are many girls who try to depil hair, not only limbs, but also hair losses, especially under the eyebrows, around beards, etc. as they are going to permanently depilate. I am surprised.

Actually, in summer, hair grows so fast that there are many things we have to do frequently. Because I am in trouble, I started thinking that it might be a cheap thing even if it took a little if it could remove hair for a while forever. If it is facial hair it is not that thick, and I think whether it will not cost so much effort.
There are quite a lot of people with thick, thick hair growing on feet. I think that it can not be helped, but after all it seems that there is also a high probability that thin hair will be depiled forever with thin eyes. I try to manage somehow and I will feel like I want to face unnecessary face for the rest of my life. I am wondering what it is like to my friends and trying a challenge before this summer.
I wonder if I will do it now.

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