Hairy facial hair was depilated with an esthetic agent.

Hairy facial hair was depilated with an esthetic agent.

Since I was little I was disgusted and disgusted because my face and body were also hairy.
When I got a sense of mind I used to shave myself with a razor.
I kept shaving every day.
Still it will grow soon.
Everyone was hairy ... was depressed as I was told.
Especially in the pool lesson it took 2 hours to shave and shave it the day before and it was hard work every time.
Summer is the weakest season for me.
I refused even if my friend invited me to the sea.
I became a social worker and started making makeup everyday.
Each time the face hair under the nose, cheeks, under the ears, forehead, part of the eyebrows, whole face began to worry.
Since the face is visible, I would like to be a beautiful skin.

My face was also shaved with a razor, but at that time a rash was made and it was in a state where I could not apply a razor.
Nevertheless hair is anxious, so I forced to shave, sometimes my blood bleeds, I wanted to cry everyday.
There were times when it became thick makeup to hide hair.
Sometimes it looks older than the age, dirty and ugly hairy face, it must not be as it is ... the razor losing face is swollen red and rash is also made, black hair is growing from then on. No matter how much you use cosmetics, if hairy facial hair grows you will not see anything. Foundation does not moistly moist.

The make-up collapse is also terrible.
I think pores are large.
One day I was featured on depilation on the net and I tried to dig in.
Hair removal was a big concern from before.
It is depilation to have the esthetic construction done from a professional.
Let's try it from facial hair first. I made a reservation immediately and went on a holiday.
You say that it takes a little time in my case that the hair root is big.
If hair will run out even if it takes time ... I thought so I went back to the company.
I go once or twice a week.
It seems that it is permanent hair removal that laser hair removal does not grow in the future.
I hope to do my hands and feet when my face is over.
I want to finish worrying with such hair so much.
Facial hair has become inconspicuous.

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